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IdealSeat: Fan Intelligence PlatformIdealSeat is the world’s best fan intelligence platform, utilizing millions of proprietary data points and advanced analytics to feed sports and entertainment platforms with fan experience data.


Currently, professional sports teams and entertainment companies do not consistently or holistically track fan analytics within their venues.


There exists no repository of data that fans can access to answer the question, “How can I have the best experience?” This data gap leads to non-optimized fan experiences, resulting in missed up-sell opportunities, and recurring revenue loss for sports teams, concert venues, live event companies, primary ticket issuers, secondary ticket markets, and ticket aggregators.


IdealSeat’s mission is to create, analyze, and deliver insights from unique data about the fan experience.


Our strategy focuses on the three core aspects of a fan’s experience of an event, with an emphasis on live sporting events: ticket discovery, game-day decisions, and in-game experiences.


We are marching toward becoming the industry’s most valuable source for data and analysis about the fan’s experience from deciding to attend an event to raving about it at the office the next day.


IdealSeat: Your seat. Your stats. Your game.

IdealSeat Team

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