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Get the only experience recommendation engine for teams, leagues, and advanced ticketing platforms.

We provide MLB, NFL, WNBA, NHL, and NCAA fan experience data to teams, leagues, and leading ticketing companies to increase sales and revenue in this new era of ticketing.

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Improve Your Fans’ Experience

Not only does fan experience data help increase conversions, but fans are willing to pay more per ticket when IdealSeat data is used.

Increased Conversion Rate*:0%

Increased Ticket Value†:0%

*When seat data is available.
†Using IdealSeat data.

Over 450MM+ Fan Intelligence™ Data Points

Get access to our API & Fan Experience Dashboard

Seamlessly integrate our data-driven recommendations into your existing website, mobile app, or sales platform, and get your sales executives access to the leading Fan Experience Dashboard to help convert customers at a higher rate and value.


Whether you're rooting for the home team, or the visiting team, we'll help you find the best section to cheer alongside your fellow diehards. Our data spans NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, and Major League Baseball, so no matter your sport, we'll help you find the right seats.


Do you want to sit in the sun, or to make sure you'll be out of the heat? No sweat! Help your fans find the best tickets and quickly get them into the seats they want.


No one want miss half the game looking for a family bathroom or kids play area. Help your fans get the best seats closest to family friendly amenities, for an experience that will last a lifetime.


The only thing worse than standing in line for the bathroom is trying to find your favorite concessions. We've tracked all the best food & beverages in the stadium, so your fans know where to go!


We've tested & statistically ranked the best seats with the highest probability of catching a foul ball or home run. And we have the souvenirs to prove it.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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