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Building the World’s First Data-driven Ticket Engine Powered by the Crowd

Fenway Park: Ted Williams Seat

Building the World’s First Data-driven Ticket Engine Powered by the Crowd

How many data points does it take to find the IdealSeat?

This is the question that the IdealSeat team set out to answer in September of 2011. And the data is in. We have arrived at the statistical tipping point in the pursuit of the ultimate fan experience.

Drum roll please…

Nearly one million total points of information!


New app launching for Spring Training


Over the course of the past four seasons our dedicated crew, including 50 members of our behind-the-scenes Research Team, has attended games in nearly all 30 ballparks to crowdsource data collection specific to the fan experience in MLB stadiums.

In addition, we have mined and analyzed hundreds-of-thousands of batted balls and amenity resources to strengthen our game. The result is the most powerful ticketing system in sports today.

After a winter of researching the fan experience in the NFL, NBA, and MLS, we have developed our technology to be more responsive to the needs of today’s fans. We’ve made the interface seamless and responsive to your feedback to find the best seat in the quickest time and at the lowest price.

IdealSeat: Choose Your ExperienceComing Spring Training 2015 we will launch the first data-driven ticket engine powered by the crowd. The system will allow users to find their preferred fan experience and find tickets statistically ranked for those variables.

Want to catch a foul ball?

We have your seat.

Interested to sit in the sun and enjoy the skyline view?

We have a ticket for you.

Looking to take the family out for a fun day at the park?

Tap the button and you are ready to have a great game.

Sign up now to receive a message when we launch the new IdealSeat app. And in the future, we will be adding more customization to let you dial in your IdealSeat at every single game you attend.

In addition to our technology, we will soon be announcing a major ticket partnership that will match our data with a robust back-end system with millions of tickets available for all of sports and entertainment.


Introducing the new IdealSeat brand


To top it all off, we’ll be bringing you some of the best resources and updates from the sport technology world on our new website. We spent a little time in the offseason updating our look and feel to represent growing network of fans and sports.

IdealSeatOne of the things we are most excited about is our new logo.

Inspired by the lone red seat in the right field bleachers at Fenway Park – Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21 – which signifies the longest home run ever hit at Fenway by none other than Red Sox legend Ted Williams.


Now for the fun part


You can be a part of making IdealSeat even more innovative.

The IdealSeat Research Team is the heart and soul of our organization, and we are growing quickly.

Join our Research Team today and gain access to our exclusive club.

  • You’ll help us gather data at your home stadium
  • You’ll get new technology before anyone else on your block and get to provide critical feedback
  • You’ll receive special deals and behind the scenes access
  • You may even end up at the biggest game of the year

Be part of the IdealSeat evolution and get ready for the start of Spring Training on February 18 and Opening Day on April 6.

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