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Fan experience data is changing the way fans buy tickets

IdealSeat + Bandwagon Partnership

Fan experience data is changing the way fans buy tickets

Not all fans want the same game day experience. Yet finding ticket to pro and college sports has largely gone unchanged for decades.

Fans not only want to search by price and proximity, but in today’s data-saturated sports industry, they also demand more information.

For some, it means finding family-friendly seats, or a shaded section. For others, it means finding the best food and beverages in the stadium and hanging out with friends. To that end, IdealSeat is helping fans find their preferred experience.

Most recently, we’ve partnered with fan-to-fan ticketing marketplace, BANDWAGON, which allows college football fans to quickly discover a “family,” “social,” “in the shade,” or “home” or “away” (shown above) sections, when purchasing tickets to games.

Contact us today to learn how we can integrate IdealSeat data into your preferred ticketing platform.

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